Meet Damaris
Damaris Allen is an award-winning PTA leader who pays attention to the needs of students and families in Hillsborough County.

Damaris Allen grew up in Tampa and graduated from Plant High School. After graduation she studied Christian Education and Theatre at Florida Southern College and went on to work as a family minister, dance teacher, and operated a small business. She raised her two children in public schools.
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My Platform - "ECHO"


When families and communities are engaged we’re able to identify and meet the unique needs of the families and communities we serve.


After an incredibly challenging two years, our students and families need a better future they can believe in and strive to make a reality.

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Ensuring we have clear and open communication at every level – with teachers, schools, and the district – will foster community and allow us to work collaboratively to ensure all students succeed.

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Our students need opportunities to thrive and succeed. Beginning in elementary school, access to arts education provides our students with skills that reach far beyond the mastery of the art form itself. Identifying and meeting individual student needs sets them up for long-term success. Providing both career and technical education and college readiness and counseling sets our students up for success long after they have graduated.

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